Sunday, June 27, 2010

English Hi-Tea, A Wedding Reception

The first week at pastry kitchen was terrific,
had to prepare like dozens of product for Sunday's English H-Tea,
Its a wedding reception actually, with the feels of English...

There were beef pies, vegetables quiche, cakes; and I mean like crazy2 super small cakes,
and also cupcakes..
People at pastry kitchen are awesome!!
They're super fast, super precise, and also super creative!!
I need time to catch up with'em, like a lot of time...

Managed to get some pictures during the wedding reception,
and the bride and groom, well, they somehow look familiar,
maybe they're somewhere on the tv or magazines,
urgghh!! I dunno... it doesnt bother me at all...

*Sorry for the crappy pictures*
The theme was plain pink and white, just so you know..

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