Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Smeared on early of 5th Chapter

feels like yesterday when I finished off my first practical training..
there were like dozens of 'things-I-wanna-do-before-5thSem-start'..

to be honest, not even quarter of cross marks on that list..
well, things like 'I wanna buy some awesome gadgets', things like 'I wanna have backpackers style holiday trip'..seems like not going to happen anytime soon...
with so, so many problems and wishes that not been granted, I really dont feel like going back to Penang..

Dear, Mr/Miss whoeveryouare
did you know,
I hate going back to Penang and deal with the same problem every single semester...
I hate thinking about where or whom I'm going to stay with every semester..
I hate the fact that I've been so kind and patience enough to everyone around me..
I hate people taking me so lightly and yet, I couldn't say anything thinking that, it might gonna make them feel bad or whatsoever..
ya know, its easier said that done..
but really, don't you wish you could make people listen to you and be a little selfless?
aren't those kind of medicine even exist?  
Well, what a scenario to start a new, final and most important semester aite?
No worries, I wont do something stupid..
But if I had a chance to escape or run from all this, I will do wish!
nah...I wont run from my problem..I just need a time and space to thing about it first..heh
So for now, Patience seems like the only way..the only thing I can do...
Well, I shall start my emo 5th sem now..
I just hope the best for this upcoming semester..
hoh!!! Gambateh!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Annoy me, please?

I've started to think that owning a smart phone is like making an investments..
but then, you'll always ended up losing the value because phones are nothing like properties, the price wont go up by the time, unless it is something like must-have-collectors-edition-whatsoever-smart-ass-phone...

Anyway,I know I've been constantly annoyed my family and friend for the past 6 months (caption needed) by making such, such fuss about what kind of phones Im going to use..
I have few choices that I had in mind, but due to the budget constriction (duh), I'll just pass some of it...
Im not sure why, but most of the phone I used wont last longer than a year...dont get me wrong, I just love changing my gadget and I find it is really exciting, not sure why tough..
Im really not sure what Im going to buy..
but Android based phone (or Windows P7) is what Im up to next..
Some has been suggesting to me just grab an Iphone4, but really, I dont feel like using it when it wont be around me again for the next six months..
and..Blackberry..huh? seriously? Im sorry, I just had a bad experience with QWERTY keypad, (talk about text and drive)...
so, touch screen phone would fit me perfectly..
I got my eyes at this particular brand..
HTC's phone looks awesome and the price are just okey for me..
but really, I need more time to survey and do a lil' more research for now..
and, I might ended up getting an iPhone4 or Blackberry or BLUEBERRY (claps* for caption)..or nothing at all..who knows...
I'll made my mind after visiting the PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo (known as PC fair before this)
so until then, I'll keep on bitching bout what phone Im gonna get next....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Tongue twister

some tongue twister I got from the net,

try saying this words..
it works like any other tongue twister btw...




leave me a message if you cant figure whats behind all this :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

7th Annual Talent Show, a boost in Korea's addiction

During my last visit to the little Korea @ Ampang, I literally bumped into a poster about this annual show thinggy,
Well, I wasn't really attracted to it for the first time and doesn't stay long enough to read bout it, still, I managed to snapped a picture of that poster and later,my friend and I just continue buying some stuffs...

Until last Saturday, my korean-addict-friend eagerly asking about this, and he really want to go..
WTH, so I thought I've got nothing to lose and by going there, I might gain something..
so, there I was,
the venue was at the MCA HALL, near to the Nikko Hotel, in case you don't know the place, there is always a thing call Internet.

Since Im still new (and no SO addicted, mind you) with all the Korea thinggy, I thought why not give a try to stay at the hall and watch the performances.
Well, it was awesome and mostly, they speak koreans, which I can understand bout 30% of what their saying, big thanks to the korean dramas and SNSD (google it), and not to mention, my friend which he can speak fairly koreans and understand more than I do.

Speech by the Chairman of the Organization
First performance, dancing group,which, I cant remember what song they danced to

From Malaysia team, presenting the traditional dance

some saxophonist by the talented Koreans

These girl were AWESOME!! They danced to the BROWN EYED GIRL's ABRACADABRA

and these boys, they were just a-muh-zing!!
There were like 3 performances using the same song,
and this one is the best! They danced it in style from BEAST's Soom/Breath

this picture has nothing erotic about it at all, and just so you know, this group rock the stage with more than 12 members and the leader is that girl in white. I cant remember how long they were on the stage,but the songs they used were really nice,
some mashed up from the hit songs I think.

They were a lot of performances from both Malaysia and Korea team, but some were just *blah* (if you know what i mean) and wasting of time. Seriously, I had a great time there and felt like, Im literally closer to Korea. Maybe I might consider going to Korea and even, further my studies at the Korea.
Owh yeah, not to mention, Korea had a few world class culinary schools, which I think a BIG bonus for me..
I definitely gonna come again next year for this event!! wooho!!! watch out you Korean b****h!!