Monday, December 6, 2010

Annoy me, please?

I've started to think that owning a smart phone is like making an investments..
but then, you'll always ended up losing the value because phones are nothing like properties, the price wont go up by the time, unless it is something like must-have-collectors-edition-whatsoever-smart-ass-phone...

Anyway,I know I've been constantly annoyed my family and friend for the past 6 months (caption needed) by making such, such fuss about what kind of phones Im going to use..
I have few choices that I had in mind, but due to the budget constriction (duh), I'll just pass some of it...
Im not sure why, but most of the phone I used wont last longer than a year...dont get me wrong, I just love changing my gadget and I find it is really exciting, not sure why tough..
Im really not sure what Im going to buy..
but Android based phone (or Windows P7) is what Im up to next..
Some has been suggesting to me just grab an Iphone4, but really, I dont feel like using it when it wont be around me again for the next six months..
and..Blackberry..huh? seriously? Im sorry, I just had a bad experience with QWERTY keypad, (talk about text and drive)...
so, touch screen phone would fit me perfectly..
I got my eyes at this particular brand..
HTC's phone looks awesome and the price are just okey for me..
but really, I need more time to survey and do a lil' more research for now..
and, I might ended up getting an iPhone4 or Blackberry or BLUEBERRY (claps* for caption)..or nothing at all..who knows...
I'll made my mind after visiting the PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo (known as PC fair before this)
so until then, I'll keep on bitching bout what phone Im gonna get next....

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