Sunday, June 6, 2010

life goes on

dunno what I feel right now...
1001 kind of feelings
all mix together..
I feel nauseous,
Im confuse,
Im mad,
Im me...

Gonna handle butcher ALONE for a week,
Im not sure what to do,
I donno if this is correct,
I mean, they ask practical students to do butchery for 3 main kitchens and functions?
Im moved by their trust they put in me,
but I dont think I can handle this,
Physically, im almost to the limit, almost and so close,
Mentally, im trying to motivate myself just to hold on and believing this is one part of what i need to be a great chef...

Recent changes and status and all sort of things on Facebook got me realize,
I have my family,
My cousins
My friends,
they surround me even though they're not here,
I really thankful for that,
Just that,
I wish I had someone special to be around me,
to one who's the first to say 'good morning' to me,
the one who will laugh together when I crack a jokes during my crazy times,
the one who I can share something; different from my family and friends,
the one who will replaced 'her' when she gone 2 years ago...
full stop.

I just hope this week gonna end fast and without any problems...


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