Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ok its not that Im lazy to blog or what,
its just that, I merely have much time sitting in front of my laptop due to the tiredness..
Its been a week at the Asian Kitchen and so far so good..
coming home after 11pm is a common thing these days...
gosh, I cant wait to end my practical..

No, no, dont get me wrong..
practical IS fun,
but I think I need time to rest,
you know, like normal people,
watching tv, hangout at the mamak till late night and not worrying if you're able to wake up early the next day, or simply spend 5 hours just to sit still and read your favourite books...
man,I miss those days...

C'mon!!! I know I can go trough this!!!
Few more months to left and after that,
I got plenty of time to burn,till I feel so bored and misses these busy days..


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