Saturday, October 11, 2008

Malaysian Driver

I really really! pissed of when i saw our malaysian driver!!
When i was going back from this 'particular highway', I saw something ama~~~zing happened!!

1) One Kancil driver was Zig-Zag-ing from left to right and back to left all the way and, the way he did was xtremly dangerous!! Man! I wish dat guy kene hit with sumthing!! haha~~im sooo bad.

2) And I wonder what on earth this rempit fella doing on this busy highway? he even do some weird stunt just to show off his ability laaaaa....hello!! I can do rempit stunt without lifting my motor la...ok ok!! Anyway...this fella just like some Malaysian driver, they just love doing weird stuffs on this case..this rempit friend was chit-chatting with his other rempit friends...on road while he on his motorcyle....WTF!! Too bad I cant see his face...because Im pretty sure that guy can befriend with my rempit friends here




3) Emergency Lane meant for Emergency!!

Weird weird!! My Pa and Ma always said 'you must be careful and respect other peoples whenever and wherever you are' -including on the road Ok~~

But today, I seriously think that our MALAYSIAN DRIVERS(some only lo) need Pendidikan Moral. As u can see, Emergency Lane on highway only can be use when u in EMERGENCY or only if you need to stop ur car there. But then, these people, still tak faham bahasa or they just pretend dont see the sign. Well, what to do kan~~....

what I did inside the car...Just CURSING 'em and Singing Out Loud my favourite song AND irritate my family inside the car especially my sis..wahahaahaha

I Fell like shooting their tyres and laughing at them....

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Anonymous said...

interesting blog, i love that blog you did about "drivers" lol... thanks for posting the pictures as well :)