Sunday, December 27, 2009

cant help this feeling..
it has been 2 months..
I've been doing just fine until you texted me few days back..
"how r u? i've been doing great here. i'll be back to m'sia before the new years eve. hope can see you and clarifies whats happend between us"
-too bad im gone to penang by 29th December-

dedicated to Y..
Its not my attention to write this 'emo' post
I know you'll be reading my blog and stalking me on my Facebook
I dont mind
I know whats happened between us was just another phase; just like you said
but, I started to realized, distance relationship wont last long..
Im here, and you're like thousand miles away from me
the Internet and phone were the only way we can talk to each other

we were still young when we first met,
we were busy with our SPM and,
you were with him, I was was with her,
we never had a chance to meet before

I still remember the first time you cried, because of that korean drama
Stairway to Heaven the titled is..
I was freaked out when you cried, dunno what to do
should I console you or just stoning myself in front of you?

Because of you,
I started to know about all those korean dramas..
all this while, all I knew was anime..
I started to listen to chinese song,
I started to care for other people

First time we had a problems,
I tried to call you, again and again, but you ignored my calls..
for almost a week..
that was one of my worst week in my life..
I was lonely,
trying to call you like some crazy desperate people
then you called, ' I lost my phone' you told me...
hey, I wasnt born yesterday,

thous, I told you its okey...

I still cant believe I knew someone like you..
someone so opposite from me..
someone so special too me once..
someone that believe Im a great guy

do you remember our song?
I still keep our favourite song close with me
donno why I should keep the song..
maybe it reminds me of you,
or maybe that song is just great..

Just so you know,
I made trough my 2nd sem finals quiet okey,
3 pointer but not in the Dean's list..
Im not gonna blame you for what happened..
maybe its just....meant to be....

Next year you'll be away again...
you have to do what you need to be..
I'll be here, not going anyway till the right time comes,
maybe France, maybe Swiss or maybe just Japan,
we'll see where Im gonna further my studies..

Until then,
I hope you all the best in whatever you do in your life..
who knows, maybe we'll meet again someday,
but I doubt it gonna be this soon..

You told me that you hope we still can be friends,
and I just hope the same,
maybe not a close friend, just friends
1 year and half with you is just another piece of memories I had,
next year we'll turn to 20...
I hope Im on the right track...
I hope you'll be a greatest designer ever..

'Y, I know you can recognize this song'

The sparrow outside the window is being noisy on the electrical wire
You say that this sentence has a lot of that summer feeling
The pencil in my hand, sketched back and forth on the paper
I use a few lines to describe who you are to me
The taste of the fish, the cat and you both want to understand
The fragrance of first love we remembered vividly
That warm sunlight, is like the brilliant freshly-picked strawberries
You say you can't bear to eat up this feeling.
Rain falls the whole night, my love overflows just like rainwater
The fallen leaves in the yard, thickly overlaps with my lingering thoughts
A few words of dispute, cannot cool my warmth
You appear in my poem's every page
Rain falls the whole night, my love overflows just like rainwater
Butterfly on the window still, is like the beautiful chapter that flutters about in the poem
I continue to write, to write my eternal love for you into the poem's ending
You are the only understanding I want
missed your cheek, just like the ripened tomato in the fields
then,you suddenly told me that the name of a beautiful orange jasmine


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