Monday, December 21, 2009

Window shopping

Went to the Borders @ the Gardens few day ago..
saw 'this' book..took a glanced at it and just walked away..
now..I kept on thinking about that book and how it'll be useful if I had it..
I should've just grabbed that book!!
Grr! now Im searching that book like crazy all over the book stores in KL!
Times @ Pavillion = 'no stock'
Kinokuniya @ KLCC= sure the price will make your fingers digging deeper in your wallet...


Saw this coolestshoesever at Adidas @ Pavillion...
the design, color, and I bet its comfortable...
but the price..*argh!!!*

-remember what Ma always said..student dont need to use expensive stuffs-


argh...its really annoying when people kept asking...
'hey, what happened to your laptop?'
ok..theres some smudge at my laptop..
ITS FOOD COLORING peoples!!!!!
that's what happened when you bring your laptop to the kitchen!

Called DELL few days ago and ask about the laptop skin..
hehehe..cost about rm150 for the cover..chey~~ gonna takes couple of months for the delivering only...


Really malas wanna drive from Kajang to Mid Valley..
traffic jams and all sort of things... (you know how Malysians drivers are)
still, I need to get the book before goin off to Penang...
Right..some people might suggest to take KTM to Mid Valley..
but hey..KTM is like the worst train ever~
ok third worst considering the train at India and Indonesia...
and seriously..what happened to all the manners taught when you at school?
dont you know pushing peoples is a mandatory...literally..
seriously..the government just wasting our money doin all the Budi Bahasa campaign..



Anonymous said...

KTM from MV = sardine can

E-Jay said...

i know..a moving pathetic sardine can..