Thursday, November 4, 2010

Life after Industrial Training

I just realized its almost 2 months after I completed my first practical training..
both report and final cooking test, CHECKED!
and now, Im simply doing nothing..
bumming around and try to regain back my long lost freedom and happiness seems fun..
but hey, seriously I already started putting on weight now..
I should do something..
Im supposed to do some part time jobs where I did my practical was,
however, they seems like have enough staffs, and they wont need any partimers yet,
and sooo, Im jobless right now..haha
nah, i dont care much..

for the time being,
I'll just chillax and enjoy my lazy days..
more anime and movies to be downloaded!
be prepared oh, my external hard disk!
My recent anime-crushed, the K-On series!!


rul_tazmania14 said...

enjoy je bro..
jum join aku masuk geng tanam anggur x berbuah..

E-Jay said...

bosan tahap gaban dowh...hari2 aku blurr