Monday, November 24, 2008

The PA Room

PA club is acctually a club that control and helps teachers whever they need to use microphones,play the National Anthem song during official assembly and anything to do with the sound sistems at the school hall too...only the so called " the chosen one" can joined the club...
The PA room are not that big since it is in takes only three peoples of my feel like in sardine can..and...I got lots of friends doing the PA that works along with me since I was in form 4
THE TEAM(form 4 and form5)
-Joe El,Eric Teoh, Jason Sim,Shah and Me (and also some of our junior)...>>and also, a few guys...lepak-ing here and making the place more merrier
-kienjie,leong K Y and Jason Chin-

THE TEAM(lower 6)
-Jason Sim,Kienjie and Me....>>and of course...Leong and Jason Chin still joining us this year...but, dunno bout next year.

For almost three years...I never really be 'at the tapak perhimpunan' because of my 'duty'-providing microphones and all sorts of sound equipment for teachers on duty.......tell you...the job aren't that easy...but..theres a lot of benefits you got....
see...there are only basics equipments

1) you'll get immunity when theres a "spot-check" at the tapak perhimpunan-you can spy from the PA room up there...who got caught because they had long hair or whatsoever~~duh!

2) you can do your unfinished homework at the classroom...or PA room....and leaving your friends down there...worrying about their unfinished homework...

3) you can sleep while listening to the teachers speech can choose to sit under the fan or...just sit at one corner and laughing at you friends because they were tortured by Mr Rizal's loooong speech~*yawn*

4)whenever theres a function at have to work'll get the same food like teachers had and "share" with your friends after they finished queuing at the canteen...

5) you can talk crap while teachers giving their speech without other peoples bothered by your 'talks'

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